Keeping you Fresh

Established in 2018, Afrimega first explored the personal care segment as its focus area. Research and innovation became predominant at Afrimega to create and deliver new, affordable, and world-class personal care products that always ensure freshness.

Creating a healthy and comfortable environment for babies, using premium technology and raw materials, Vogly’s baby care range supports the baby’s growth, ensuring it stays happy, healthy, and hygienic throughout different growth stages. Vogly’s operations focus on ensuring comfort for the baby which is the reason it has become a household name in several markets.

The company believes in collaborating with experts and conducting comprehensive research to understand and provide for the Angolan market and beyond. The company works with a team of dermatologists and other experts to gain insights into various mechanisms of personal care.

Making Personal Care

Personal Care

The brand Lykis offers a wide range of personal care and cosmetic products. Its sanitary pad ensures complete intimate hygiene, comfort, protection, and freshness

Making Life Easier

All products from Afrimega make life a lot easier! The company conducts various activities such as training for the community on parenting and baby care. These initiatives are designed for parents, especially mothers, to benefit from the right use of personal care and hygiene products.

More Than Personal

Besides personal care products, the company has an arm that manufactures quality kitchen and home appliances with precision, guidance, and acumen, that have found a presence in the average Angolan household.


To be the benchmark in the retail industry, that provides best-in-class customer experience through operational excellence.


To work consistently in improving and developing processes through a dedicated team, offering better variety, service, and price to customers, thereby creating value for the company, employees, and business partners.


We offer an immense variety of products with focus on quality, to ensure that the average Angolan family may enjoy a good life, independent of their ability to purchase goods.

“For your affordable and quality personal care needs, please visit any supermarket across Angola for Lykis or Vogly brands”