Joy in every Bite

Alimentos Saborosos is a young company that started in 2022! The company has delivered biscuits through its brand Lykon which already enjoys top-of-the-mind recall among the young and the old.

The company bakes with enthusiasm, ensuring that only the highest quality products are churned day in and day out. The company’s passion is seeded in tradition, using only the best ingredients to provide joy in every bite.

Marie Crisp is the quintessential biscuit that is perfect for every occasion. Our bakers skillfully blend delicious ingredients to create the right balance of crispiness and sweetness. You can only get this from Alimentos Saborosos’s treasured recipes.

Available across all supermarkets, Marie Crisp is indeed the first choice of an average Angolan for its quality and value for money.

Technology for Taste and Safety

Crispy Biscuits

You can easily become loyal to the alluring lure of the crispy Glucose Biscuits that come in perfect pocket-friendly size morsels and deliver joy in every bite.

Guaranteed Supply

Alimentos Saborosos sources all its ingredients from quality mills across the globe, ensuring consistency and a guaranteed supply of superior flour all year around.

Quality and Safety

The state-of-the-art facility in the industrial estate of Luanda, together with the expertise and latest baking technology, always ensures quality and safety.


To be the benchmark in the retail industry, that provides best-in-class customer experience through operational excellence.


To work consistently in improving and developing processes through a dedicated team, offering better variety, service, and price to customers, thereby creating value for the company, employees, and business partners.


We offer an immense variety of products with focus on quality, to ensure that the average Angolan family may enjoy a good life, independent of their ability to purchase goods.

“Lykon biscuits are ideal whenever you’re looking to snack on something with a difference!”