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resolute leader inspiring millions across Africa

The pillars of success are continual learning, perseverance, hard-work, open-mindedness, and most importantly, love for what you are doing! It’s all about recognizing and managing opportunities!

Nazim Charania

Founder & Chairman – Noble Group, SA

Founder & Chairman

Noble Group, SA

A visionary entrepreneur with diversified business interests and success stories that inspire millions across Central and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Born in 1974, in the small town of Gondal (Gujarat, India), Nazim Charania began his career at the age of 18 years after completing his basic education. He set his best foot forward in Congo, where he worked as a storekeeper in a traditional store. However, his appetite and passion to grow and create wealth made him leave his first job in 1995 after having a stint and head for Angola with few resources at his disposal.

Balancing family and business commitments, his perseverance and dedication enabled him to embrace opportunities that appeared then, building the foundation of Noble Group, which is one of the most successful business entities in modern-day Angola. In 2002, he became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Angola with intensely diversified businesses which progressively became an empire of 15 different business verticals.

He believed in continuous training and hands-on value-driven experience to grow, consolidate, and expand wealth. With over three decades of experience that includes and is not limited to wholesale, retail, FMCG, and manufacturing sectors, Nazim Charania continues to drive businesses with astute acumen under the umbrella of Noble Group, one of the fastest-growing conglomerates in Africa.

The vision of having a captive industrial base to serve backward integration has assisted the group in maintaining market competitiveness and offering affordable goods and services to Angolans. Abiding by good corporate governance, Noble Group continuously strives to create import substitution for several products in Angola, empowering local resources. His resolve to continue expanding and serving Angolans has made Noble Group one of the largest private-sector employers, employing more than 7,000 people directly and 15,000 people indirectly.

The founder is committed to best practices and does not lose sight of the community, which he believes is a predominant component of the group’s success. The group supports the community through its social responsibility arm Noble Care Foundation, which focuses on all-inclusive growth.

He has been recognized for his exceptional contributions to the national economy and society. Moreover, his love for sports, specifically cricket, has won him titles in that field too!

Nazim Charania has earned his name through diverse wealth creation projects that have positive multiplier effects on society today. He is the Head of Mission and Honorary Consulate of Georgia in Angola, a rare achievement too!

He can be best described as a Resolute Leader and Visionary Entrepreneur!

Accomplishments & Recognitions

Inspiring ability and countless contributions to society, creating a sense of pride for the group

Superbrands Jury Member,
Mahatma Gandhi Samman, United Kingdom
Pirâmide World Foundation Social Responsibility Appreciation
⁠Member of the Ismaili
Economic Board, Angola
Bank BIC Charity Award,
AIBA Entrepreneur of the Year,
Georgian Honorary Consul,
Ismaili Cricket Tournament Award for
Best Bowler and Player, Congo
President of Indian Commerce Chamber, 
SMMART Entrepreneur
Transformation Appreciation