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Widespread, deeply rooted presence across 13 provinces of Angola

As one of the largest importers of Angola, we reach millions of consumers across the 13 provinces through a network of central warehouses, wholesale outlets, a fleet of distribution vans and cash and carry stores.

We have a countrywide network with outlets in Luanda, Lobito, Lubango, Huambo, Ondjiva, Cabinda, Soyo, Uige, Lucapa, Bengula, Saurimo, Malange, Luena and Sumbe.

Traditional Outlets

Our network of 60 traditional outlets of varying sizes from 500-400 sq. meter caters to all our customers and fulfills their need for quality goods in the required quantity. They are well stocked and offer both variety and choice.

Cash and Carry

Our network of Cash & Carry outlets ranging in size from 5000 to 10000 sq. meters each, serve many wholesalers, retailers and household clients. Each of these large stores stocks and sells dry and frozen goods, electronics, home appliances, motorbikes, beverages, cosmetics, personal care etc. of major international brands. These outlets also stock and sell local products that are sold in different quantities and configuration(dozens, boxes, pieces and in KG) under one roof. A key feature of these stores is our preferential pricing that makes us a preferred shopping destination for both trade and households.

We are in the process of expanding our Cash & Carry operations in 25 stores.


We have a fleet of five 3.5 ton trucks that are dedicated for the supply of major suppermarkets of Luanda like Shoprite, Nosso Super, MEGA, Alimenta Angola, Kibabo etc. Supplies to the provinces are handled by SLC Fleet of 15 Cash Vans in Luanda that follows a route map that is planned on a weekely basis based on market dynamics and the product life-cycle.

Semi-Automated Central Warehouse

Our Central Warehouse is IT enabled to ensure smoothness in our global supply chain, fluctuating market demand, and accelerating order velocity during peak seasons.

Our ability to manage our supplies and deliveries ensures that our stores are face a stock out situation. Our operations are automated to a great level to improve efficiencies in loading/unloading and dispatch.