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Enabling economic growth through stellar manufacturing, construction, distribution, wholesale, and retail

Group Philosophy

Our vision is to be the benchmark in Backward Integration through Manufacturing, and be the largest distribution hub with an efficient supply chain, thereby creating value for our people and partners and empowering the community.

To be the most respected conglomerate in Angola by 2025, which is known for ambitious goals, timelines, processes, and value for data and human capital with ownership.

  • Trust & Integrity
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Respect for Competition
  • Long-Term Relationships & Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • System & Process Driven

Ethics & Responsibility

Noble Group follows best practices, ensuring business growth in a sustainable, transparent, and trustworthy manner. The group has integrated business management systems and documented policies in each area of operation with effective routine audits and risk and training management.

Noble Group is cognizant of the role a thriving community plays in building a conducive business environment and a healthy economy. Through its social responsibility arm Noble Care Foundation, the group runs inclusive programs that support and empower communities across Angola.

Business Verticals


Serving more than 10 million customers annually, the retail outlets cut across grocery, lifestyle, and transportation sectors. Brands AngoMart, DUKAN, and Sanzi Moto have their presence across the country making every Angolan proud.


Our long-term success in wholesale operation lies in our ability to adapt, evolve, and optimize our processes. As the bridge that connects manufacturers and retailers, wholesale businesses play a critical role in the supply chain. Brand Nossa Casa and Noble Traditional Stores have the wherewithal to become professionally run entities.


We consider our distribution above all a strategic process. It determines the best methods for delivering products to end consumers. A well-developed distribution strategy and a thorough analysis of available distribution channels, market demand, competition mapping, and customer preferences make us a force to reckon with.


The group’s manufacturing sector contributes significantly to Angola’s long-term economic growth, besides import substitution. It serves well for wholesale and retail distribution, making the group seamlessly backward integrated.

Real Estate & Construction

To remain competitive, companies explore new structuring options to improve operational efficiency and balance portfolios to maximize return on investment, all while mastering digital disruptions and gaining a deeper understanding of customer preferences. Our team has the expertise to meet all such ever-growing needs of clients.

Trusted experts with years of experience and industry accreditations

Established in the year 2002, Noble Group has a strong customer-orientated approach, constantly developing and delivering quality products at competitive prices. This has enabled the group to attain and sustain leadership in its major lines of business for over two decades. The group is engaged in core high-impact consumer sectors of the Angolan economy and its integrated capabilities span across diverse spectrums from “manufacturing to last-mile delivery.”

Noble Group’s vision of building a world-class distribution hub in Angola, supported by backward and forward integration from a captive industrial base and wholesale and retail outlets, has stood the test of time. Being one of the largest employers in the private sector, the group specializes in bringing world-class international and local brands to every Angolan at affordable prices.


Over two decades of proven business expertise


Serving a thriving community of satisfied customers


Making goods and services reach every corner of Angola

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Ready to innovate and build new ways of doing business

Get to know the incredible individuals behind our Group

Noble Group employs more than 7,000 people directly and 15,000 people indirectly, thereby creating a positive multiplier effect. All its operations are SAP-enabled, supported by a dedicated IT team that trains and explores new modules for continuous improvement in service delivery.

At the heart of everything that Noble Group does is the people! Noble Group takes pride in fostering and inspiring an agile and high-performance workplace culture. The group encourages balancing the act of doing, an entrepreneurial mindset, with following systems and processes, a professional mindset, to deliver quality results. The group is deeply committed to recognizing and valuing diversity across teams to improve long-term growth and loyalty.


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We are located in Mártires.

We open at 8:00, West Africa Time (WAT), and close at 18:00, West Africa Time (WAT). On Saturday, we work until 13:00, West Africa Time (WAT). On Sunday, we are closed.

However, feel free to contact us at any time.

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